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Rehearsals are a significant part of the activities of the organization.  Each of the subgroups of Music 4 Nothin’ (Jazz 4 Nothin’, The 4 Nothin’ Symphony, and Choir 4 Nothin’) rehearse weekly throughout the year and Music 4 Nothin’ ensures that the subgroups are able to rehearse without hindrance.  Through the activity of rehearsals, the group achieves many goals for its participants.

The education of the musicians in the groups is of primary importance to the organization. There is no person who would argue against the fact that music is best learned when actively playing the music, instead of simply listening to it, and as such, rehearsals contribute greatly to the continuing education of each of the members of the subgroups themselves (Jazz 4 Nothin’, The 4 Nothin’ Symphony, and Choir 4 Nothin’).  The subgroups of Music 4 Nothin’ have been known to raise the bar of achievement in musical excellence by:

Allowing trained music professionals to attend practice/”shadow-direct” – usually these professionals are local music educators who have the opportunity then to work with individuals who are not their usual students, etc. and allows the members of the subgroup, in turn, to gain a musical understanding from a variety of different sources/interpretations.  Guests include:

Allowing members of the a number of a communities to participate in the subgroups’ activities, which builds connections between musicians in various local communities, and reinforces the historic mentor-student relationship of musicians in performing ensembles:


Our groups provide engaging and organized clinics and demonstrations for local schools. During these clinics, students learn how to maintain dedication to music and be encouraged to practice and work together to produce great music.  The intention is to inspire young musicians to carry on the tradition of musical performance for a lifetime while having fun! We are looking for sponsors to show support for our youth.  Contact us at to learn more about how you can bring our groups to your classroom!


Music 4 Nothin’ enables its subgroups (Jazz 4 Nothin’, The 4 Nothin’ Symphony, and Choir 4 Nothin’) the chance to perform and present to the community its accomplishments.  Each performs at a number of educational (school), public, and private locations in and around Doylestown, PA and other areas in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  In addition, the performances act as a key fundraising mechanism to help the organization continue its work for the community!   See the respective websites of each group to see its schedule of events and performances.

The Groups

Jazz 4 Nothin’

Jazz 4 Nothin’ invites musicians in Doylestown and surrounding areas to learn how to approach ensemble performance, improvisational soloing, stylistic varieties and much more in the vast genre of jazz under the guidance of our director, Jen Dillon, and the mentorship of many experienced musicians.  More so, they learn the history of jazz greats, such as band leaders Maynard Ferguson & Buddy Rich, composers Duke Ellington & Pat Metheny, and arrangers Sammy Nestico & Bill Holman!

The 4 Nothin’ Symphony

Musicians from both near and far are welcome to come and join the Symphony.  The symphony is about having a place where the experienced and amateur players can come and work together on a diverse range of orchestral music including, but not limited to, contemporary works (including film/TV/video game music) and classical masterpieces.  The music itself can be challenging at times; however, we help each other to further develop our individual skills as well as working together as team or group to play together.  Visit our website to see what we have done, what we are doing, and what is next.

Choir 4 Nothin’

The Choir practices and performs a diverse range of choral music, including, but not limited to, contemporary music (pop, soul, cinema/Broadway), jazz, and classical.  Performances are both independent and in conjunction with our sister groups, The 4 Nothin Symphony and Jazz 4 Nothin’.  Visit us at:


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