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Mission Statement - Who We Are

Music 4 Nothin’ is a PA State and Federal non-profit educational organization/corporation, created for the purpose of educating and advocating music in the community.  To do so, the group will collaborate with local schools, teachers, musicians, other organizations, and anyone who has a interest in creating a positive environment to learn and perform music in different settings.  The organizations’s goal is to promote a love of music in all different forms, with an emphasis on educating all musicians young and old.  By doing so, Music 4 Nothin’ can show members of the community that music will live on.  To support the organization, please visit our Donation page.  To participate, visit our Contact Us page and we can inform you about any of our groups!

Our Organization

Music 4 Nothin’ is the administrative entity to support the education/performance sub-groups.  Those sub-groups are Jazz 4 Nothin’, Choir 4 Nothin’, and The 4 Nothin’ Symphony.  Each of these sub-groups has their own distinct sounds and offerings.  Just click on one of the logos on the left and it will take you to the sub-groups’ individual site.

What is 4 Nothin’ ?

What does the 4 Nothin’ stand for or mean?

Even though we are a non-profit organization, it still takes money to keep us up and running which we acquire through donations, fundraising, and a few paid performances.

What 4 Nothin’ means is that if you want to become a member and join any or all of groups, there is no cost for you.  No audition, no membership dues,  no annual fees. Simply come to the practices, perform the music, volunteer a little of your time to help promote the group, and have a great time!

Of course, if you want to donate a little money from time to time, we’ll accept that too!


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